FLY Racing's Wild Card Series 2013

Welcome to WNYRacing's Mini WILD CARD Five Race Series for 2013!!


Here's how it works:

  • 21 of our primary classes including our 50cc racers are eligible.

  • We will spin a roulette wheel or draw cards at our riders meeting


  • The number it falls on or is picked, will be the the lucky winner who finishes in that position based on their overall score.
    • For example, if the wheel lands on 12, 21 racers that finish 12th overall WIN (this will be based on official results)~ If there are less than 12 racers, we will pay back to the last rider in that class that has officially received a score.


  • Just wait until you see what prizes we have... you're going to think we've gone wild!


  • This is not and overall trophied series. Each race is a special stand alone event

2013 WILD CARD Race dates TBA

The 21 Qualifying Classes are:

50cc Beg., Intermediate, and Sr

250 Beginner

Open Beginner



65cc 10-11

65cc 7-9

Open Novice

250 Novice



Senior Mini

Open Mini 10-16


Girls 9-15

+40 Masters


250 Amateur

Open Amateur

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